A Nani for the Nano

Finally competition has arrived for the Tata Nano car, which is India’s cheapest car selling under 3000 US$. Bajaj Auto Ltd; world’s second largest motor cycle maker unveiled a new car or an AutoRiksha today. The car named as RE-60 has 200 cc  rear mounted, low emission engine and a fuel efficiency of between 35 to 40 Km per litre. The engine is a new water cooled DTSi 4 (Digital Twin Spark Ignition) valve and would give a maximum speed of 70km per hour.

The car has a seating capacity of four people. It has been designed and developed fully by Bajaj Auto.

The managing director of Bajaj Auto says that he may export this car first to SriLanka before selling it to India. The car has such low emission that it emits only 60 grams of carbon-di-oxide gas per km.
The engine for the car is state-of-the-art and environment friendly. The car is frugally engineered and would be produced at three-wheeler plant in Aurangabad, in the coming months.
Bajaj Auto ltd. have not announced the price yet, which is not likely to be crucial factor if India’s Nano experience is recollected. The Nano sales numbers are no where near expectations and present two wheeler owners have simple refused to change over to a four wheeler. The Nano has therefore become just one of the choices for second car.

That is why perhaps Bajaj Auto chairman wants to sell his car in SriLanka and not in India, where selling is likely to be very tough.

3 January 2011

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2 thoughts on “A Nani for the Nano

  1. To be honest, the Nano comes quite close to being a proper car as it is equipped with a 2 pot 624 cc engine, whereas the RE60’s engine seems to be taken straight from a bike. Also Nano crosses the 100 kph mark while RE60 tops out at 70 kph. The RE60 is more a competitor to Bajaj’s own auto rickshaws than the Nano.

    Posted by ashiot | January 5, 2012, 12:40 am
    • ashiot –

      Thanks for your comments. You are absolutely right when you say that RE 60 is not really a car but an Autoriksha, disguised as car. No vehicle could be called a car with a 200 cc engine

      Posted by chandrashekhara | January 5, 2012, 8:17 am

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