Kolaveri De – Why this murderous rage dear?

There is always an apprehension in media that sons and daughters of the Bollywood stars are introduced to stardom rather easily without any efforts or real slogging. This might be true to some extent, but the chances of this Gen-Next, coming out with a super hit, are also very high because of their pedigree. This fact was hammered home last week by daughters of two Tamil superstars Rajanikanth and Kamalhasan. Aishvarya Rajanikanth, daughter of superstar Rajnikanth is producing a Tamil film named as ‘Three’ and Shruti, daughter of superstar Kamalhasan has the female lead role in it. Aishwarya’s husband Dhanush has the male lead in this film. The music for the film is being created by Aniruddha Ravichander, again a nephew of Kamalhasan.

All this star progeny, released a video of a recording session of one of the songs from the film on U tube on 16th November. The video was an instant hit and spread over internet like wild fire. The listeners were absolutely mesmerized and enchanted by the song and also by the video where film’s female lead, Shruti also appears in just everyday clothes, without any glamour. In next 5 days, 10000 people shared the song on face-book and during last fortnight U-Tube download crossed the figure of 10 million. This song became so popular and wide spread that even Wikipedia took note of it.

I have been reading about this new rage on the internet. Unfortunately, the audio on my computer is not working properly so I could not listen to this song on the internet. Two days back, I saw this video on a news channel on TV. This song, even though supposed to be in Tamil has actually all the English words pronounced with a Tamil accent. Words like Glass, white, black are pronounced like glaase, whaaiet, blacke. It is actually rather difficult to spell the words, the way these are sung. For that one must listen to the song. After listening to the song,I did not feel that there was some hidden or deep meaning in the lyrics or in the words. However, after that TV programme was finished, I found that the tune was already on my lips and I was humming it. I realized that what has made this song a super hit is its tune. The tune composed by Aniruddh is really the soul of the song. The rhythm also is so catchy that the whole effect of the song is very haunting and the tune gets staunchly, entrenched in your memory.

The meaning of the title of this song means “ Why this murderous rage, dear? I was not much able to connect the lyrics with the title, except for the fact that the song is about a youth who has lost his love. Still, in spite of the rather queer lyrics, the entire chemistry of the song has turned out to be so perfect that it has captivated the young and old listeners alike. This Song is sung by Dhanush, who also is the hero of the film. His unusual rendering of the song also adds to the captivation of the listener. No wonder that many bigwigs from the music and film industry have praised this effort by these youngsters. The tune is such that it necessarily need not be the song of a love lost youth. Any other words can be substituted and the song would remain equally haunting even with that. The thing that is of interest now is to see what kind of track records, this song can break.

One thing is certain, for last two days, I have been humming this song almost continuously, “why this murderous rage, dear?” HaHaHa

5 December 2011


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