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Beaches of South Karnataka- a Photoblog

The first thing that strikes my mind, while writing about Beaches of India, are the beautiful beaches of Konkan coast and without any doubt, beaches of Goa. Yet, south of Goa and probably even further down south of Karwar, some of the finest beaches of the western sea board of India are found. I realized this recently, during a trip to that area One of the highlights of these beautiful nature spots is the minimal commercialization there. Unlike Goa and beaches like Kashid near Mumbai the beaches of South Karnataka are virtually virgin with no shacks around selling food and beach games. The beaches remain absolutely picturesque and unspoiled.
This is the Om beach near the temple of Gokarna Mahabaleshwara. It gets the name, because of its shape like the Sanskrit alphabet or word ‘Om’. The barren rocks, exposed well within the Sea waters, have made this beach stunningly beautiful. This is a favourite place of many foreign visitors.
This is not a beach but a coastline. Maravanthe coast has a specialty. Just along side the coast line, perhaps separated by twenty to thirty feet of land . Suparnika river flows along the coast. Thus we have salty Sea water of the Arabian Sea and potable sweet water of Suparnika river separated by a strip of land just thirty feet wide. Very unusual indeed.
If we go south from Marvanthe coastline, next is Trasi beach. A lovely combination of palms, greens and silver sands. Stunningly picturesque views here.
A small hillock extends right up to coastline at Baindur. If we look down towards the Sea from this hillock. We see a dense wood and behind the woods, the rolling waves of the Arabian Sea.
Arabian Sea and the backwaters as seen from Baindur Hillock
A holiday home built on Baindur hillock
Perhaps the safest beach for swimming and playing in the sea is the Someshwar Beach. The beach slopes into the sea so gradually that it is possible to walk deep inside the sea.
Murudeshwara beach
The Sunset from Murudeshwara coast.
South Karnataka beaches are so lovely that a visit must be planned. The natural beauty, pollution free environment makes it a must visit place.
29 November 2011

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